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What Is A Red Tent?
In Biblical days, when a woman was menstruating, she was considered dirty and unsuitable to be around the men so she was banished to a tent outside the village.

As happens all the women would cycle together and gather in the 'Red Tent'

For a week they were not allowed to participate in the village activities and had to stay seperate.

Little did the men know that the women languished inside the 'Red Tent'.   They wove amazing fabrics,  relaxed on cushions from the fabric they made and the wool of the herds the men looked after.

They made Mead a form of beer and drank and feasted, shared stories, laughed and played inside the Red Tent.

So this form of banishment from the village for being dirty and un fit to be around the men allowed the women to create a strong sisterhoood.  Relax from village duties for a week, share tales of their lives, support & empower each other.

They would emerge from the Red Tent united, strong and ready to take on the week back in the village.  A quick glance to a sister as they went about their daily duties, shared the secrets of what really went in inside the Red Tent.

They would eagerly await their next retreat into the sanctuary they created for themselves inside the Red Tent.
Discover The Gift of Women's Empowerment Through 
Learning, Wisdom, and Heart-felt Connection.
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Magic happens when women gather together to share ideas, support dreams, solve problems and love each other.

In this chaotic world we are so 'digitally connected' in that we can see everything people want us to see about their lives.  
behind those profiles, behind those public postings, behind what we show to the outside world 
women longing for true, authentic, caring connections

What we don't share on social media we may feel more comfortable
sharing woman to woman in the sacred space of the RED TENT.

The hosts of this event are well respected in their very diverse backgrounds. View people insights to their ability to facilitate discussions in a caring and trusted manner below. One of the hosts is world renowned medium Debbie O Mewes who brokered Red Tent events when she saw the success of them elsewhere. 
Time to make them part of our FUTURE once more.

Attend from the comforts of your home or in a small pre organised group location. Listen and observe or actively participate.  
Tailored to Women – All Women. 

How To Prepare 
For The FEM Red Tent. 
Embracing technology and honouring the old ways we bring those two worlds together. THE FEM RED TENT 

You will join us from the comfort of your own home in your own private space you have prepared, or gather with a few friends as a group participation, like an active WATCH party.

We suggest having a private spot, creating the lighting and atmosphere just as it would be in a red tent. Candles, salt lamps, red lights all work towards creating the ambience and softening the mind to relax and enjoy the time.

Relax on cushions, soft fabrics and beautiful objects around you and get comfy for an incredible night with beautiful women all supporting each other to greatness.

Prepare yourself a feast as it would be in the Red Tents of old, a platter of cheese, nuts, Turkish delight, chocolate, whatever you desire, ceremonial cacao to drink if you wish, the heart opening drink of the gods.

Participation in discussions, and exercises is totally up to you and your level of comfort.  You can join in whole heartedly or you can just relax in the back ground and soak up the atmosphere.

Using the wonders of technology you will be given a zoom link to click on to join us in The FEM Red Tent.

We will gather together to listen to some empowering speakers. There will be powerful individual exercises that require you to work one on one with another goddess.  With the click of a button you will instantly find yourself in a private zoom room just you and your partner to work together.

Then just like magic (a click of a button) we will all gather back in the main zoom room, its almost as if Aladdin's genie is working with us.

Access to the Red Tent will be given to everyone inside our private Facebook group, just click on the button below to join.
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