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2020 will be focussed heavily on building Debbie's multiple 6 figure entrepreneurial business and her public stage appearances.  Therefore the ability to see Debbie privately one on one will be very limited, in person, via skype, zoom or phone!

2020 VIP Readings are now available!

You can book here online once all available time slots are filled this offer will be closed for 2020.

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Debbie has worked with many business tycoons, 7 figure entrepreneurs, & celebrities and all value her ability to connect to the other world and bring proof and guidance from those they love.  You can either focus on a business related reading, a mediumship reading to connect with those in the other world or just everything combined and what happens to be presented for you.

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Watch the video here of a small section of a public show by Debbie B-Mewes!
Testimonials from previous clients.
Truly amazing.

Cheryll D. says: Debbie you have done two readings for Alan and I and you have bought us both so much comfort. The first was a few months after our son Shane had been murdered, you knew things nobody outside of the family would have known even down to the name of the person that did it. To know he was happy on the other side eased our pain a little. The second one was only a couple of weeks ago and that reading was so accurate as well. We will be eternally grateful to you Debbie and your amazing gift it has helped us so much. Anybody who seeks a reading with you will not be disappointed and we highly recommend it if you want to connect with a loved one in the spirit world. We love you Debbie xx
Outstanding & more than a simple reading.

Kerry P. says: Not a sceptic however I have never had an accurate reading before. Debbie told me things she could not possibly know and with complete accuracy, none of this 'could be' or 'maybe'. I arrived feeling very deflated and not having much drive for life, I left a completely new woman with drive, strength, self worth. Thank you Debbie, you truly opened my heart to endless possibilities and best of all accepting myself. Thank you with heart felt sincerity.
No doubt - Debbie is truly gifted

 Jade C. says: I first met Debbie about 18+ months ago to connect with my late father. Debbie is truly amazing and I have no doubt my Dad came through during our session. Things were said she couldn't have possibly known. It was such a healing session for me to reconcile and be reassured by my Dad. This time was more about me and what the future held. Once again Debbie provided proof of her gift and stripped away my anxiety for the future. I won't stress so much about pursuing my passion and I will stop waiting for the 'bottom of my basket to fall out'. The struggles of the past are behind me. Onward and upwards and I am so excited about the journey that lays ahead. Thank you Debbie - you are amazing and provide such a special service to us all.
Thank you!
Tarica A. says: Thank you so much Debbie for the amazing reading. I felt I was talking to my dear husband. It was an amazing experience. You got so many details accurate. Thank you again !
What a gifted lady!

Anna M. says: Debbie gave me an incredibly accurate reading, I've had many readings over the years and no one comes even close to how accurate she is with such great insight and guidance. She is so humble, wise and I always feel she wants the best for you - don't hesitate to book a reading with her - you will feel it's the best investment you have ever made for yourself. Anna
Simply amazing

Nateesha A. says: I would just like to thank Debbie for the phone reading she gave me. She was correct on everything, she gave me postive guidance in regards to the things I needed reassurance on and she confirmed things that I just needed to hear. I can't thank her enough she is simply amazing. I am so glad I got a reading from her she has given me a happy and new outlook on life. X
Comforting & Reassuring

Tanya O. says: Debbie, thank you for your beautiful reading with me this week. You were absolutely accurate about many things that have happened and things that are unfolding now, which gave me a great deal of trust in what you felt was in the future for me and my family. I also felt an incredibly emotional connection with my grandmother who has passed. My primary motivation for seeing you was to hopefully make this connection. Thank you so much for giving me that moment. It is difficult to describe what it means to me.

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